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Connecting Growers

No growers, no HZPC. Vereniging HZPC believes it is vital that HZPC is an organisation run for and by growers.

Twenty years ago, almost all of our certificates were held by active growers. This figure has currently fallen to less than 50%. This is due to the fact that many growers are no longer actively involved in growing, but hold onto their certificates and rarely offer them for sale. These certificates are then bought by very few active growers. 

We would like to see the share of certificates held by active growers increase. That is why, with our 2021 harvest, we are implementing the ‘Connecting Growers’ programme. This programme will enable us, at HZPC Holding, to buy certificates on the market (every year for 1,5 million) and give these to our active seed potato growers in the European Union. The certificates will be shared out in proportion to the acreage of seed potatoes per HZPC grower.


Taking part

The programme is aimed at active seed (potato) growers from all HZPC Holding businesses in the European Union. Over the coming months, our colleagues will contact these growers with regard to taking part. 

More information about the programme can be found here: