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The love for french fries

Food trends come and go, but the love for French Fries isn’t going anywhere. In fact, consumption is growing strongly in Asia, the Middle East and South America. Together with our partners, we search for solutions for Quick Service Restaurants, Food Service, Retail and the Fresh Cut market.




Never settle for less

We are dedicated to develop and improve the best varieties for the sector French Fries. Yield security, quality and consistency are crucial. Varieties need to be grown worldwide and produce good results in all climates. We are continuously working on growth improvement to obtain the optimal yield at processing. We won’t settle for less. Do you wonder what we can offer you or do you see opportunities? We are here to help you grow.

In the spotlight; Tiger

Crunchy bite, creamy inside. Our Tiger variety is something special. An outstanding taste and unique characteristics for frozen or fresh cut fries, foodservice and restaurants

Promising varieties

  1. Innovator
  2. Challenger
  3. Ivory Russet
  4. Alverstone Russet
  5. Althea
  6. Cadyma
  7. Tiger