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Sector Traditional invests in relationships and expertise

We are the world market leader in the Traditional sector, where potatoes are offered raw and straight from the fields. In many areas of the world, potatoes are still sold at the daily market. You can find the big, robust tubers between colourful vegetables and fruit. Growers in these areas are proud of their products and ask us for varieties with good drought resistance, yield security and good storability.

Good relationships
Our strong position in the Traditional sector is the result of our high quality seed and our strong distribution network.

The Traditional sector works in rural areas around the world and regularly encounters a lack of organised structures and political instability. Therefore we invest strongly in maintaining good relationships with local partners. Therefore the reliability of our deliveries is very high.

Growing support
Besides of providing seed of the highest quality for years, in many countries we also offer cultivation and technical support. This way our varieties perform optimally and the grower is ensured of a successful yield.