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Challenger Fries 2nd place in Dutch Fries Test


Joure (NL),

We congratulate Pieperz snack shop in Veghel , The Netherlands, with their second prize in the renowned annual AD newspaper French Fries Test. The jury awarded their French Fries with almost the highest score. HZPC is very proud that these French Fries are from our variety Challenger.

This multipurpose potato is an ‘all-rounder': suitable for French Fries and crisps, but is also a tasty table potato. The jury reported: “Top Quality. Really excellent!”

"This fantastic result was preceded by a strong cooperation between the foodservice partner Pieperz and HZPC," says Lilian Escalon, director HZPC Europe. "We’ve combined our knowledge and experience about varieties, processes and the foodservice supply chain to contribute to this success. We congratulate the Pieperz team!"

Ton Verhoeven, owner of snack shop Pieperz:  "Together with HZPC we’ve selected the best variety. The mealy features and stable quality of the potatoes provide perfect fresh Fries: crunchy on the outside, almost creamy inside and with a great taste. A perfect potato for making fresh high quality French Fries."

The HZPC Challenger is a multi purpose variety and has a broad range of uses: as a top-quality chipping potato, a tasty table potato, and is also suitable for export. The Pieperz’ Challengers potatoes are grown in the Netherlands and South Europe to meet the demand of fresh potatoes throughout the year. For tasty quality fries not only the variety is important, but also soil type, growing conditions and storage method. Pieperz uses unpeeled potatoes so there is no waste and the nutrients and vitamins retain maximally.

Cooperate to achieve the best results
In close cooperation with our customers in the entire chain, we develop products and concepts that meet customer and consumer demands, such as Perupas and Sunlite.
Our breeders are constantly working on the best varieties. We constantly improve the characteristics of the potato in the interest of the grower, packer, supplier and the consumer. We would gladly help you finding the best variety to meet your customer demands.

Also tasting the perfect French Fries?
That’s possible at Pieperz snackshop at the Noordkade in Veghel, The Netherlands. The old CHV feed mill has been transformed into a modern food center. An inspiring location!

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